The colorful wind flowing through the art is a symbol of God's Holy Spirit active in the world...

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"A life journey, full of creative adventures, glorifying growth and wonderful surprises!"

This is my definition of Jauntin'... a term I use to express my involvement in life with the freedom and joy I have as a Christian.                                                                   

The Friendly Florida Scrub Jay…
The dry, sandy scrublands of Central Florida 
Are the exclusive home of a friendly bird.
But, scrublands are easy to clear for construction
Resulting in the building of homes for humans
And the loss of habitat for the Florida scrub jay.
However, the scrub jays are still friendly
And trusting of humans…
Stand in an isolated scrubland area
With a peanut in an out stretched hand.
And soon a jay will land in a nearby bush
And check you out.
Suddenly it will trustingly land on your fingers,
Cock its head and look at you,
Then gratefully fly away with your offering,
Soaring like the wind with the freedom
Only birds seem to have…
This trusting nature of a scrub jay inspires me…
Approaching the hand of a big human
Just seems to me to be an allegory
Of our trust in God…
Of course, God offers us more than
Just a peanut!
Poem by Robin Jensen, inspired by the friendly, 
trusting Florida scrub jays in an isolated area of 
scrubland in the Sun ‘n Lake community near 
Sebring, Florida. 


         Scrub-Jay-Landing-5-V.jpg (170932 bytes)                                         



An Ebenezer in the Sky...
As we cope with this broken world,
Confronted with the many ironies of life-
Starvation, terrorism, wars, accidental death,
Loved ones taken away...
Believing it will never happen personally,
But, it did-
Is there any hope?
A special sign is suddenly remembered
Of God's presence and caring
Way back in the Old Testament days.
A stone... a stone?
The Ebenezer.
A stone of help...
Samuel as Judge over Israel
Selected that very special stone
And set it up as a marker
To celebrate God's gift of peace
After Israel's enemies were defeated.
He named it Ebenezer,
"The Lord has helped us."
The Ebenezer is a reminder
Of God's Comfort, Love and Peace
When we lose hope and wonder,
"Who really cares?"
Poem by Robin Jensen inspired by Samuel 7:12




        Ebenezer-in-the-Sky-1-V.jpg (155394 bytes)   

                                                           Sarayu...the Wind that Refreshes…

Chatoyant colors vibrate
In an air of anticipation
As a spectrum of brilliant hues
Dances in the forest...

Trees reflect the shimmering colors.
Fractal patterns burst forth
Creating fantastic repetitions in space
And layers of raucous textures.

Like a refreshing Wind
The Holy Spirit rushes into the world,
Comforting... sustaining...
And resolving our faith...

Making everything Clear.

Poem by Robin Jensen, inspired by the
depiction of "Sarayu," in the book "The Shack,"
John 14:25,26, Acts 2:1-4 and Romans 8:26,27.


           Sarayu...-1c-V.jpg (142372 bytes)                                                          
Jazz to the Power of Three!...
The alto sax soared...
The piano danced in other dimensions...
Melodic sounds broke free
From the bounds of gravity.
Savage changes in tempo.
Layers of overlapping textures.
Brilliant colors... ostinato contrasts...
Raucous riffs... bizarre licks...
The two musicians inspired each other
To new heights... outer space...
The music reflected their shared goal
To push jazz beyond the limits
And resolve their life purpose
By making good music
With God's common Grace...
This Jazz to the Power of Three
Still resonates today
With its joyful affirmation  
Of the love of life.

Poem by Robin Jensen, inspired by the 
wonderful music created by Art Pepper 
on alto sax and Milcho Leviev on 
piano in the late 1970's and early 80's.


             Milcho-and-Art-4a-H.jpg (182626 bytes)                                                             
Galaxies over the Coorong...
I'm not an astronomer
But my most amazing experience
Of star gazing in the night sky
Was seeing two galaxies,
The Magellanic Clouds,
With my naked eyes--
On a bicycle tour at that,
Along the Coorong in South Australia.
They are 179,000 light years away...
Now that's seeing!
And those relatively small galaxies
Are orbiting our galaxy,
The Milky Way, no less.
I'm still amazed
That I could actually see
Those faint celestial bodies
So very far away in the night sky
Without a high powered telescope
But still have to wear glasses
To read about galaxies...
Poem by Robin Jensen, inspired by 
the viewing of the Magellanic Cloud 
galaxies at Policemans Point in the 
Coorong National Park in South 
Australia along the Southern Ocean. 
The occasion was a Calvin College 
Interim bicycle tour from Melbourne 
to Adelaide.


              Coorong-Landscape-Sky-2-V.jpg (122809 bytes)                                                          
Jazz sounds at twilight…
Bats are fascinating…
Not the baseball type,
The unique flying mammal type.
Another of God's fantastic and special creatures.
Like jazz musicians they fly at twilight
And make wild, exciting sounds
That help them find food.
Echolocation…something like radar…
Bouncing cool sounds through the evening air.
That's how they locate and try to snare 
Their favorite dinner item… moths.
However, the moths are cool…
They have a radar detection system! 
They can hide or fly evasive maneuvers
When they hear a bat in the vicinity.
And some moths can even jam a bat's radar
With their own jazzy sounds…
So they can thwart and evade the bats
And fly another day
Adding to the cool jazz sounds at twilight…
A nightly jam session! 
Poem by Robin Jensen, inspired by the many unique
and fascinating creatures in God's creation.   


            Bat-Moth-comp-V.jpg (132295 bytes)                                                                 
Waiting by the River…
The Live Oak waits…
And contemplates…
Along the bustling river bank.
The Kingfisher is ready to dive…
A fishing line floats through the air
Causing vibrating distortions.
Fractal patterns burst forth…
Creating Mandelbrot Sets…
Fantastic repetitions in space.
Colors Shout…
Textures cry out expletives…
Watch out Brown Trout!

Poem by Robin Jensen, inspired by the
wonderful mysteries of God's creation.
Fractal: A geometric pattern that is 
repeated at every scale. Benoit 
Mandelbrot, a French mathematician, 
invented fractals.
Mandelbrot Set: A set of complex 
numbers that has a highly convoluted 
fractal boundary when plotted.


             Kingfisher-5a-H.jpg (159030 bytes)                                                                     
Isabella Tiger Moth Dreaming…
Walking…trotting… running…going…running…
Cold…summer must be over…running…going…
After feeding and moulting…feeding and moulting…
All summer long…growing…changing…running…
Going… traveling…to a special place…
But where? Must keep going…run…faster…run…run…
Across fields, grass, rocks, sand…harvested land…
Across a wide gray desert…large, noisy monsters
Roaring by…smoke…acrid odors…Watch Out!
A monster rolled close by…run…run fast…
Strange, hungry creatures everywhere…
Roaring by…run…run…
Must find a shelter, a home for the cold time…winter…
Suddenly it's very cold…slowing down…stop…
A shelter…curl up…rest…sleep…
Suddenly it's warm…hot…spring. Awake…hungry…
Walking…trotting… running…going…
Where…? Metamorphosis…! 
Fulgent colors…wings…flying…
Poem by Robin Jensen, inspired by the cute 
woolly bear caterpillars seen on my fall bicycle tours.






Isabella-Tiger-3-V.jpg (112651 bytes)                                                                  
Live Oak Sanctuary...
Twisting branches reach out...
The freedom of creativity and joy.
Gnarly trunks provide a solid foundation.
The comfort of sanctuary...
Shelter for God's creatures.
A special place for homeless plants.
Moss hangs in ribbons of celebration.
A raucous party is in progress.
Birds sing songs of praise.
Flowers shout out joyful colors.
The Live Oak tree...
An Evergreen,
Becomes a wonderful symbol
Of God's
Care, Comfort and Grace.
Poem by Robin Jensen, inspired by the 
uninhibited Live Oak trees in Florida and 
other areas of the South.


            Live-Oak-Comp...-H.jpg (178981 bytes)                                                               
Night Flights…
The sky is always dark
For an angry jazz musician
When God does not resolve…
Without any idea of redemption.
But hope, like jazz, is always poised to take flight.
The rogue tree reaches out into that dark sky
With jazz sounds…a double bass riff…
A tone like a cathedral bell
That speaks of love…
And the need for healing.
The music reflects the soul of the tree:
Savage changes in tempo
Layers of overlapping textures
Soaring colors
Raucous and joyful…a street parade in the sky!
The Spirit moves in and through the tree:
The music does resolve God
And expresses hope and joy
With the healing Grace of love
That makes everything clear…
And resolved…
Poem by Robin Jensen inspired by the 
intriguing jazz compositions by the 
legendary Charles Mingus. The influence 
of God's common Grace is symbolized by 
the joyful wind flowing in and through the 
tree in the artwork.


       Mingus-5c-H.jpg (79784 bytes)                                                               
The Joy of Discovery...
It started with walks...long walks...
Soon becoming hikes... long hikes.
Fields... hills... then mountains.
Climbing T Hill... Her hill!
Exploring new dimensions
Under the brilliant Montana sky.
Wild flower discoveries...
Lady slippers... nodding onions...
Deer bounding through the forest.
A fawn hiding under a leafy bush.
Elk roaming the hills and fields.
Butterflies flitting from flower to flower.
She enjoyed God's Creation with fulgent eyes
And a radiant smile of happiness and joy.
Sharing her discoveries with photographs
And delicate, colorful paintings
And fun, involved stories...
Sharing her joy...
Tania K. Jensen, October 27,1963- July 29, 2007
Poem by her Dad, Robin Jensen


           T-Hill-Composition...jpg (151912 bytes)                                                                  
The Cedar Waxwing Blues...
I just had to draw the artwork of the beautiful
Cedar Waxwing as a kind of memorial and apology 
for its fate in flying into the grille of my Miata 
MX-5 while I was driving at 55 MPH on a Michigan
country road.
Along with friend Ed Carrigan, I was returning to 
Grand Rapids after we had worked at a check point 
for the National 24 Hour Bicycle Challenge on a
Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunny day 
and I had the top down on the Miata. 
As we were talking above the roar of the wind some 
birds flew by the front of the car. Ed said, “A bird
just flew into your grille!” I thought he was joking. 
The next day I did check the grille, which seems to 
look like a hungry mouth. And, there was a bird stuck
to the radiator! After removing the bird I was able
to identify it as a Cedar Waxwing. A beautiful bird...
Oh man, I felt chagrined and sorry...
I used the bird and additional reference to draw an
apologetic, memorial artwork and express the beauty 
of one of God’s precious creatures.
Robin Jensen  


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The wild flowers in the art by Robin 
above are from Tania's artwork.