The Amazing Adventures of Aubergine the Flying Eggplant...

As told by his friend  Robin Jensen

         Egg-Plant-in-the-Sky-B2.jpg (120488 bytes)        
Eggplant in the Sky
The humble eggplant is pretty cool…
Hey! It's purple… usually…
And can fly
High as the wailing jazz sounds
Of a soprano saxophone…
John Coltrane, please!
With his big fan, the rooster, Kakatone.
Of course eggplants also dig jazz…
After all, they are in the nightshade family,                  
They have soul
And tons of panache…
All vegetarians and most Italians love them
Even though at one time 
Eggplants were actually believed to be poisonous!
Now they make a great parmesan.
Technically considered a fruit
The eggplant is never eaten as a dessert
But enjoyed as a vegetable 
Even though it looks like an egg…




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Episode 25    


Aubergine made his first appearance in one of my PictoJaunt artworks on John Coltrane. Being an aficionado of jazz, he just flew into the composition with John. So, I named the PictoJaunt "Eggplant in the Sky" and also wrote a poem about eggplants. 


It didn't take long for Aubergine to get bored with the Michigan winter scene... He decided he needed an exciting adventure...


Aubergine joined a group of Michigan eggplants migrating to Florida for the winter...


It wasn't long before Aubergine was seen flying with Violaceous his new manatee friend over Lake Okeechobee in Florida...


Aubergine met Clematisma the armadillo in the Sun'N Lake Community near Sebring. Clematisma was surprised he could fly. "My world view is enhanced!"


While he was in Sebring, Aubergine rode a bicycle on the International Grand Prix Race Course. "Those slow Porsches kept getting in my way!"


Aubergine met Gotcha the gator at a Happy Hour in a nature preserve near Sebring. Gotcha didn't know he could fly. "This has changed my whole perspective on life and my sustenance range!"


Rufus the wild boar was also at the Happy Hour in the nature preserve and joined Aubergine on a flight to check out the scenes around Highlands County.


Flying over an orange grove in Central Florida, Aubergine met Citrusma, the Orange Dragon. Citrusma had a job protecting the orange groves from frost with his breath of fire. He is grateful for all the Mexican restaurants in Florida that keep him fueled up! Aubergine looked up dragons in Google and was happy to find out that dragons don't normally eat eggplants.


I met Aubergine on a bicycle tour soon after I migrated to Sebring, Florida. We had a ball flying around the Central Florida area visiting Happy Hours at various Nature Preserves and State Parks.


When Spring finally arrived in Michigan (In late April) Aubergine decided to leave Florida and continue his adventures back in his home state. He soon discovered that the shades would not be as necessary up North.


Aubergine had his first adventure in Michigan while flying at twilight over the Rogue River north of Grand Rapids. He met Echohertz, the Purpurate Big-Eared bat. Echohertz's echolocation at first identified Aubergine as a very large, juicy insect. Although disappointed in a good snack, Echohertz enjoyed Aubergine's friendship and the Happy Hour at the Corner Bar in Rockford.


  Aubergine had many wild and fantastic adventures in western Michigan this summer, but to make a long story short, the most exciting was meeting Jocularous, one of the notorious Rogue River dragons. The RR dragons live in an alternate dimension and only appear along the Rogue River north of Grand Rapids to play jokes on the mundane humans. Jocularous pointed out Sam's Joint in Rockford for Happy Hour so he could get Jalapeno beer on tap and a large, double hot, pepper wet burrito (for his fiery breath). 


As Mentioned in Episode One, Aubergine is an aficionado of jazz. Imagine his excitement to meet up with Charlie "Bird" Parker to dig a fantastic alto sax solo while flying over the Rogue River near its source at Bill's Lake, just north of Ensley Center, Michigan.

The "Bird" still lives in the musical hearts and minds of jazz fans around the world...


Finally having enough of the ridiculous Michigan winter, Aubergine decided to hop on an Interdimensional Worm Hole and vacation for a couple of months at the beautiful planet Vegetusma.

On the way Aubergine passed Modulus Bologna, the flying slice of moldy baloney who was on his way to the colorful, aromatic land of Old Meat.


Soon after arriving at the planet Vegetusma, Aubergine met Drew, the Broccoli Dragon while flying over the wild Orange Ocean. They soon became friends after discovering they had much in common. Of course they flew to the local Veggie Bar, arriving just in time for Happy Hour to share a few Hoppy Brews with some carrots and beets.

"This will really be a fun vacation," sighed Aubergine...


Finally returning to his old haunts along the Rogue River, Aubergine met Rogi, the mallard duck who is on a quest to find the mysterious dragons along the river. Since Aubergine has already met Jocularous the dragon jokester along the river in Episode 13, he promises to introduce him to Rogi.

But, remember, Jocularous is an obsessed jokester!



Continuing to fly along the beautiful Rogue River, Aubergine was enjoying the scenery when he was attracted  by what looked like a small rainbow flashing in the periphery of his vision. Curious, Aubergine flew over to the fascinating scene and discovered that it was a small flying creature he had never seen before. Then he remembered a story his friend Robin told him about seeing dragonflies when he was a child that flashed like rainbows as they flew in the sunshine. Aubergine introduced himself to the dragonfly and they flew along together, chatting in the sunshine.


Before finally leaving for the winter in Florida Aubergine stopped by the Calvin College campus where Robin was a Professor of Art for 31 years. He wanted to visit with Robin's campus sculpture, "Jaunt", that the students called "The Cheese." After convincing Jaunt that he could actually fly, they flew around the campus and then stopped at Robin's home for Happy Hour. Meanwhile, when campus security noticed "Jaunt" was missing, they suspected another student prank.





As mentioned in previous Episodes, Aubergine is a big aficionado of jazz music. While flying to warmer climes he met up with Milcho Leviev, the exciting jazz pianist, playing "Minor Blues on B.A.C.H." Aubergine enjoyed a full concert of fantastic jazz compositions while flying through Cyber Space...

Check out Milcho at 



After a few months of warm and sunny wintering in the Sebring, Florida area, Aubergine decided to return to Grand Rapids, Michigan with his Orange Dragon friend, Fecundvert, to celebrate the seasonal return of Bell's  Oberon Beer... Summer must not be far off...!  Of course it is April the 1st!!!

Note: Oberon Beer is served with a slice of orange on the glass!



While flying up the Rogue River north of Grand Rapids, Aubergine saw an ancient, but colorful Turtle in the middle of the White Pine Bicycle Trail. Naturally, Aubergine convinced the turtle that he could fly to save him from all the traffic on the trail. Thelonious was ecstatic! "Now I don't have to crawl across roads anymore and my speed has really picked-up!"  (Note that Aubergine also found some cool aviator goggles...)



After a disgustingly, cool summer in Michigan, Aubergine flew back to warm Florida. Flying around the Highlands County area he encountered two dragons on a bicycle tour. Always ready to meet new creatures, Aubergine was soon friends with Thermopuce and his new girlfriend, Burnadette. After borrowing a bicycle from human friend, Robin, Aubergine rode a fun bicycle tour with Thermy and Burnie around Lake Istokpoga.

Robin, who is a good friend of Thermy's, commented, "You might know that Thermy's new girl friend would be a Blonde!"



Recently Aubergine met a beautiful bird with a red berry in his mouth. "What's with the berry and what kind of bird are you?" he asked.. "I'm a Cedar Waxwing and I really love berries." In fact I eat so many berries in the Fall that I sometimes get drunk on fermented ones! I have been known to crash into walls and windows and have come close to flying into car grills!"           Aubergin said "A Berry Tipsy Bird!" 




  As Mentioned in Episode One, Aubergine is an aficionado of jazz. Imagine his excitement to meet up with John Coltrane to dig a fantastic tenor sax solo while flying over The Village Vanguard in NYC. John is well known for his devotional albums "A Love Supreme" and "Meditations". After a Spiritual Awakening changed the direction of his life, he played all his music to the Glory of God.            



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