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All Artwork is Computer Mediated and printed on art quality paper with a pro level ink jet printer. For more info and prices on my art go to Jauntin'- about my Art

The art in this gallery is sized at 12.3" x 19" and 10.6" x 27"


"Don Ellis in 3 2/3 /4 Time"

"Meditations II"

                         "The 'Bird'..."

        "Lennie Tristano dreaming...ll"

"Street piano dreaming...NYC ll"   "Soprano sax dreaming..."

"Jazz piano soaring..."

"Birdsax flew high..."

"There is always a ram in the bush..."

More art on jazz is in the JazzArt Gallery at www.jazz-art.org

John Coltrane experienced a "Spiritual Awakening" in 1957 that changed his life and music in dramatic directions.

Don Ellis brought many exciting innovations to big band jazz with exquisite phrasing, fantastic timing and his explorative, electric trumpet sound images.

John Coltrane meditates on his relationship to a strange, mysterious and fantastic world. Symbolic images include broccoli trees, a broccoli tree nymph, doves, a golem, a chicken and a cricket in a cyberspace landscape.

Charlie "Bird" Parker always flew in other dimensions. His innovative jazz sax sounds are still new today.

Although blind physically, Lennie Tristano always exhibited a deep, introspective vision of the jazz sounds and expressions of the piano.

I met this street musician on Columbus Ave. in New York City one rainy evening. It was a fantastic musical experience.

John Coltrane, 1926 - 1967, played his saxophone as if he were on a spiritual journey in life. And, he was, after a "spiritual awakening" in 1957.

John Shea's delicate, but swinging jazz improvisational compositions are introspective and wide ranging.

Charlie 'Bird' Parker's imagination, fire, and creativity produced exciting, stimulating jazz saxophone sounds that still influences musicians today.

Charles Mingus makes an appearance in this expression relating to Isaac. 

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